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Tributes stream in for 'Graduate' director Nichols, dead at 83
2014-11-21: Tributes poured in for Oscar-winning director Mike Nichols, the creative force behind countless classic American films and plays including "The Graduate," after his death aged 83. Nichols is one of the rare figures in American entertainment to have earned an "EGOT," having been honored with at least one Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony award. "This is a seismic loss," said fellow director Steven Spielberg. Nichols was a member of American entertainment royalty, being married for many years to celebrated ABC television news presenter Diane Sawyer.
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New Egypt comic artists push limits of expression
2014-11-21: CAIRO (AP) — A new feminist comic book, the Jewelry Box, has emerged in Egypt, the latest addition in a blossoming scene of alternative comics, as artists seek freer outlets of expression in a country where independent voices are finding it harder to speak.
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Mali, rebels start third round of peace talks
2014-11-21: By Hamid Ould Ahmed ALGIERS (Reuters) - Mali began a third round of peace negotiations with mostly Tuareg rebel groups in Algiers on Thursday aimed at ending decades of uprisings in the north, with the government calling for a swift conclusion of a deal. Mali's vast desert north - called Azawad by the Tuareg rebels - has risen up four times in the last five decades, with various groups fighting for independence or a form of self-rule from the government in the south. ...
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In blow to PM Cameron, UKIP wins second parliamentary seat
2014-11-21: By William James and Andrew Osborn GILLINGHAM/LONDON (Reuters) - Prime Minister David Cameron's Conservatives lost a second parliamentary seat to UKIP on Friday, an embarrassing defeat that foreshadows a possible political upheaval in next year's national election. With distrust of mainstream parties and anxiety about immigration rising, UKIP, the UK Independence Party, comfortably beat Cameron's party in a special election in the southeast English constituency of Rochester and Strood six months before what is shaping up to be a closely-fought national vote. ...
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US, Turkey still not in sync on Syria
2014-11-21: ISTANBUL (AP) — Vice President Joe Biden on Friday will become the latest in a parade of U.S. officials trying to push Turkey to step up its role in the international coalition's fight against Islamic State extremists.
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Mobile phones 'game changers' in securing children's rights: UNICEF
2014-11-21: By Katy Migiro NAIROBI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Mobile phones and other technological innovations can be 'game changers' in securing children’s rights, the United Nations children's agency UNICEF said at the launch of its first crowd-sourced report on Thursday. UNICEF's flagship annual report State of the World's Children showcases cutting-edge innovations for children, from urine-powered generators to mobile phone-generated birth certificates, and invites readers to share their own ideas. ...
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Guitar great De Lucia honored at political Latin Grammys
2014-11-21: Late guitar great Paco de Lucia and superstar Enrique Iglesias won top prizes Thursday at the Latin Grammys, which took a political edge as artists cheered President Barack Obama's plan to help immigrants. The top award night for the Spanish- and Portuguese-language music industry paid homage to De Lucia, a Spanish legend of the flamenco guitar, who died in February at age 66. De Lucia posthumously won Album of the Year for "Cancion Andaluza," which also was declared Best Flamenco Album. De Lucia's widow said that the album was a passion for De Lucia, who dedicated the last months of his life to it.
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Obama sets off on a sales mission on immigration
2014-11-21: WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama and his allies, confronting a buildup of GOP criticism, are seeking to sell the president's executive actions on immigration as good politics and good policy.
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For Obama, a bumpy road to immigration orders
2014-11-21: WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama's sweeping immigration executive orders cap a turbulent, six-year quest to make headway on a thorny issue that has at times put the White House at odds with some of its fiercest supporters.
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Dutch move 122 tons of gold out of US
2014-11-21: AMSTERDAM (AP) — The Dutch Central Bank says it has recently shipped 122.5 tons of gold worth around 4 billion euros ($5 billion) from safekeeping in New York back to its headquarters in Amsterdam.
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Republicans scramble for response to Obama
2014-11-21: WASHINGTON (AP) — Fresh off their big midterm elections victory, congressional Republicans thought they might be on the offensive against a chastened President Barack Obama right about now.
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Cuban doctor arrives in Switzerland for Ebola aid
2014-11-21: BERLIN (AP) — A Cuban doctor who contracted Ebola in Sierra Leone has arrived in Switzerland for treatment.
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Democrats preparing for Hillary Clinton campaign
2014-11-21: NEW YORK (AP) — A nexus of Democratic groups is preparing for Hillary Rodham Clinton's widely anticipated presidential campaign.
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Poll: Employers watching insurance costs closely
2014-11-21: Despite years of rising medical costs and pressure from the health care overhaul, employers consider employee health insurance a priority. But new surveys suggest coverage may grow skimpier in the coming years.
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Hitler's art: Painting by future Fuehrer for sale
2014-11-21: BERLIN (AP) — A 100-year-old watercolor of Munich's city hall is expected to fetch at least 50,000 euros ($60,000) at auction this weekend, not so much for its artistic value as for the signature in the bottom left corner: A. Hitler.
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Granada leads tournament, Lewis closer to bonus
2014-11-21: NAPLES, Fla. (AP) — Stacy Lewis usually only gets these feelings when she's in contention on the weekend at a major, not in the opening round of the final LPGA Tour event before her long winter break.
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France tempers Iran nuclear stance in nod to wider diplomatic needs
2014-11-21: By John Irish PARIS (Reuters) - A year after France scuppered a deal on Iran's nuclear program it is taking a softer stance in current talks, encouraged by a more inclusive U.S. approach and the knowledge that failure this year could have grim repercussions across the broader region. France, a U.N. Security Council veto-holder, has long held out for strict terms trading a loosening of international sanctions on Iran's oil-based economy in return for commitments by Tehran to show its nuclear work is as peaceful as it insists. The discovery last year that the U.S. was holding secret talks with the Iranians was an opportunity for France, by saying 'no' to a deal, to assert itself internationally and rebuke Washington for backing down on bombing Syria as punishment for using chemical arms. It also helped Paris to cement new commercial ties with Gulf Arab states.
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Global stocks mostly higher, yen rises
2014-11-21: SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Global stock markets turned mostly higher Friday as they juggled positive U.S. economic news and weakness in Europe, China and Japan. The yen rose against the dollar after Japan's finance minister said it had fallen too fast recently.
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NSA chief warns Chinese cyber attacks could shut U.S. infrastructure
2014-11-21: WASHINGTON (Reuters) - China and 'probably one or two' other countries have the ability to invade and possibly shut down computer systems of U.S. power utilities, aviation networks and financial companies, Admiral Mike Rogers, the director of the U.S. National Security Agency, said on Thursday.
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Tears, smiles in Nevada over U.S. immigration reform some call bittersweet
2014-11-21: By Cynthia Johnston LAS VEGAS (Reuters) - Blinking back tears as she took in U.S. President Barack Obama's announcement of the most sweeping immigration reform in a generation, 25-year-old Mexican immigrant Blanca Gamez hugged her mother and smiled broadly as she dabbed her eyes. The would-be law student, brought to the United States as an infant, said the announcement meant that all members of her mixed-status immediate family in Nevada would finally be able to remain in the United States without fear of deportation. ...
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Miss Honduras' slaying a shock for violent nation
2014-11-21: SANTA BARBARA, Honduras (AP) — Maria Jose Alvarado expected some difficult questions about her country at the Miss World pageant in London, so the 19-year-old beauty queen enlisted a teacher to help her prepare.
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Blackstone to buy GE's real estate in Japan for $1.6 bln
2014-11-21: US private equity firm Blackstone said it would buy the residential real estate arm of General Electric's property unit in Japan for more than 190 billion yen ($1.6 billion), as the country's land prices slowly recover from an asset bubble burst. The deal will see Blackstone Real Estate Partners Asia acquire the business that owns and operates more than 10,000 units in 200 properties, primarily in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka, it said. "We continue to believe strongly in the residential sector’s fundamentals, especially in Japan’s major cities," Alan Miyasaki, senior managing director at Blackstone, said in a statement issued Thursday.
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Parallel lives in small town America
2014-11-21: The historic heart of this small US town was trimmed in patriotic red, white and blue for "Return Day," but only a part of the community celebrates this 200-year-old tradition marking the end of elections. People from longstanding Delaware families gathered to hear results from the town crier and eat roast ox sandwiches, but a few blocks away from the historical trappings it was just another day at El Mercado. The supermarket serves the immigrant families who have transformed the small community of Georgetown in the past 20 years. Today, almost half of Georgetown's 6,400 residents identify as Hispanic, and many still speak Spanish.
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Powerful U.S. pro-Israel lobby holds fire as Iran deadline looms
2014-11-21: By Matt Spetalnick and Patricia Zengerle WASHINGTON (Reuters) - As the United States and other powers negotiate down to the wire on a nuclear deal with Iran, one voice has been unusually quiet - the main pro-Israel lobby in Washington. Israel deeply distrusts the attempt to reach a deal at talks in Vienna that would lift harsh international sanctions on Iran in return for limits to its nuclear program, aimed at preventing it from developing an atomic bomb. But its staunchest U.S. ...
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Marine with robotic leg braces to get Bronze Star
2014-11-21: SAN DIEGO (AP) — Capt. Derek Herrera wanted to remain on active duty after a sniper's bullet in Afghanistan left him paralyzed two years ago.
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Many U.S. immigrants fear coming out of hiding despite Obama's action
2014-11-21: By David Adams MIAMI (Reuters) - Norma Martinez, an undocumented mother of two girls born in New Jersey after she arrived illegally from El Salvador in 2007, worries the Obama administration's new immigration program might provide fleeting protections that a new president could easily reverse. 'I don't want to go on living in hiding,' said Martinez, 34, adding that she would happily sign up and pay a fine to avoid deportation. ...
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Snow ending, but rain possible for Buffalo
2014-11-21: BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) — A snowfall that brought huge snowdrifts and closed roads around Buffalo was finally expected to stop, but residents still couldn't breathe easy, as the looming threat of rain and higher temperatures through the weekend and into the coming week raised the possibility of floods and the specter of roofs collapsing under the heavy loads.
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Burkina ex-president Compaore in exile in Morocco: Ivory Coast govt
2014-11-21: ABIDJAN (Reuters) - Burkina Faso's longtime president Blaise Compaore, toppled by a popular uprising last month, has left his temporary refuge of Ivory Coast and headed into exile in Morocco, an Ivorian government spokesman said on Thursday. Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in Burkina Faso when Compaore, who originally seized power in a 1987 coup, tried to change the constitution through parliament to extend his 27-year grip on the West African state. ...
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Afghanistan's first fun park brings joy amid war
2014-11-21: KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Excitement builds in the queue forming behind the barbed-wire security fence outside Afghanistan's first amusement park as children in bright clothes clutch their parents' hands and hop from foot to foot in anticipation of the pleasures waiting behind the high concrete blast walls.
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Ivory Coast soldiers end protests after government concessions
2014-11-21: By Ange Aboa ABIDJAN (Reuters) - Disgruntled former rebels now serving in Ivory Coast's army have agreed to end a protest over back pay and overdue benefits, they said on Thursday, following two days of talks with government ministers and a meeting with the president. The world's top cocoa-producing country is still emerging from a decade of political upheaval and a 2011 civil war that saw French- and U.N.-backed rebels topple President Laurent Gbagbo after his refusal to accept an election defeat. 'You have been heard. ...

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